Greetings! I'm Mary J. Hoffman, the artist behind the artwork here on and over in my Etsy Shop, the Crypt of DOOM!!!  I'm a professional storyboard artist in the animation industry and currently work on the show American Dad on TBS.  My previous credits include South Park and Amethyst Princess of Gemworld.  Prior to working in television, I worked for, a children's website popular in the early 2000's.

In what free time I get, I paint, run my Etsy Shop, Vend at Halloween/Horror themed conventions and work on my own personal projects.  My current 'BIG' project is finally bringing the world of my main character "the Boogervampire" to the written word.

look below for more info on Booger and his Pals.


The Boogervampire

Archibald, also known as Booger, or the Boogervampire, is a young(-ish) vampire from the small, abandoned silver mining town of Pinewood Ridge. He's a rather bookish, boring young man with an obsession with the Postal Service and proving his sister, Prudence, wrong.



Prudence is Booger's all-knowing older sister. She's a 'modern' young woman who doesn't let being a girl keep her from doing anything she sets her mind too. She quite intelligent and can master almost anything she puts her mind too. She doesn't like being considered weak and views cuteness as something disgusting. The worst insult anyone could pay to 'Prue' is calling her cute or think she can't do something just because she's a girl.